UGE Spring Gun Show – May 5th!

Event, Uncategorized February 21, 2018

Vendors, get Ready for our next big Show, May 5th!  We have booked space at the Salt Lake County Equestrian Event Center in South Jordan… an amazing location!   Tons of parking!   Save the date and book your space now… First come, First Serve!

Please select the link below to see the Vendor Information Packet.  Please contact our Event Coordinator, Jo Roberts, if you have any questions.

UGE May 5 Event Vendor Packet


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Legacy Gun Show Video

Event February 19, 2018

Our Media Guys just wrapped a super post Legacy Show Video!  Check it out on You Tube!   Our Spring Show will be amazing!   Stay tuned… more to come!

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Legacy Gun Show Video

Event February 15, 2018

Vendors, check out our Video from our Jan. 20th show in Farmington.   See what  some of our Vendors had to say about the show and our shows in general compared to other Gun Shows…


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Hiring BearCat Girls

Work with us February 7, 2018

We’ve had great luck meeting people to work with via the Utah Gun Exchange community.  So … Here we go again!!  This one is big!

Utah Gun Exchange is seeking to hire four like-minded female personalities to satisfy the role of BearCat Girl.
The four BearCat girls will be a united team collectively representing the UtahGunExchange brand in pursuit of its sales and marketing initiatives.

The BearCat Girls will utilize the company’s Armored Personnel Carrier, known as the BearCat, in order to advance the company’s sales and marketing efforts. Each BearCat Girl will become a central marketing element of the company and participate in a variety of company activities that contribute to the overall sales, marketing, and revenue goals.

The role of BearCat Girl will be an EXCLUSIVE position rising to a high degree of scarcity and celebrity.

BearCatGirl Activities Include but are not limited to:

  1. Fill the Calendar full of BearCat girl marketing and sales promotions and activities
  2. Represent the UtahGunExchange Brand with the highest degree of professionalism
  3. Be capable of representing our brand and our products to the UtahGunExchange.com community, local business leaders, and local politicians with pride and professionalism
  4. Capable of speaking and/or presenting yourself and/or products in front of large crowds
  5. Present yourself in an attractive and inviting manner that is family centric, women centric, and professional. BearCat girls should be approachable and fun to interact with
  6. UtahGunExchange model, bearcat model, event model, apparel model, and any other modeling as requested
  7. Participate, act, model, etc. in a variety of UtahGunExchange Video Productions
  8. Participate in a variety of social activities hosted by the Company
  9. Dress in UtahGunExchange uniforms or other as directed
  10. Other responsibilities as directed

It is important that each applicant understand this is a serious sales and marketing role for serious women only.  You must be punctual, smart, computer savvy, highly photogenic, outgoing, social and energetic and have a strong entrepreneurial desire.  You will become a front line trademark-like logo representing our brand in an attractive, clean, and professional manner.

The role of BearCat Girl will not be an easy job to fill.  Each BearCat Girl will be vetted extensively in order to assure UtahGunExchange that the individuals selected are proper for the role.

In this role, you will become an integrated front line addition to our logo and brand name.  People will associate you with the UtahGunExchange brand.  For this reason, you can understand the importance of the position and the need to find the right personalities.

Income potential six figures.  Base + commission

To Apply:

Submit email to:  [email protected] and include contact information, resume describing your education, work history, and sales and marketing and modeling experience.  Remember, this is a sales and marketing role.  Please show us your sales skills!



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Next Event April 21st!

Event January 24, 2018

A huge shout out and thanks to all of our awesome Vendors and Attendees who knocked our Jan. 20th  show out of the park!     We had so much fun, and we are looking forward to our next Event….. more to come!







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Free Introduction to Firearm Safety for Children!

Event January 10, 2018

We are excited to announce that we will have a booth devoted to Firearm Safety for Children at our Jan 20th show!    Classes will run every 30 minutes starting at 9:30 AM.   Children will leave with a Certificate of Completion and a Sticker!

Sign your child up, drop them off and go shop with our Vendors!  Or, ladies can pop right next door to our Women Only Booth, enter to win our Women’s Give Away and visit with our Licensed Instructors… all Women!

More information coming soon!

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UGE & Well Armed Women Present Intro to Firearms / Safety / Awareness / Self Defense For Women by Women!

Event January 10, 2018

Ladies!  Are you interested in Firearms but hesitant to sign up for a class because it can be a little intimidating?    UGE gets it!   We want to help!   Make sure to stop by our Ladies only booth at our Jan. 20th Show!    Get information on Introduction to Firearms, Safety, Situational awareness and more!    This booth is for women only and staffed by women only!   We will have an array of firearms for you to handle, lots of information presented by Women, an array of self-defense products and ideas…. and while you are there, register for our Basket of Goodies Give Away!


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Event January 6, 2018

If you want to sell your products at our upcoming January 20th gunshow, or have not paid for your booth, don’t wait!  Get your slot confirmed now.  We are nearly SOLD-OUT.

Exhibitor Information Packet ——  > CLICK HERE

UtahGunExchange exhibitor says, “I sold more product in one day at the UtahGunExchange Gunshow than I did in two days at the Crossroads show.”

This gunshow is going to be incredible!  We have attractions never before seen at Gunshows.  Love it!

Spreading the cause of freedom from the 2nd Amendment Capital of the United States 🇺🇸


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Next Gun Show is January 20th, 2018!

Event January 3, 2018

We are excited to announce our next gun show on January 20th, 2018! You don’t want to miss this family friendly event. It is going to be huge with many unique displays and surprise reveals, most never seen before by the general public!

Bring your family and friends out for a day of fun including bounce houses, face painters, magicians, a rock climbing wall, and free food & drinks. Sign your kids up for one of our classes while you enjoy the show!

UGE and our vendors will be offering everything from but not limited to:

  • Firearms/accessories/ammo
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Women’s Products
  • Water and Food Storage
  • Women’s Classes- Introduction to firearms, safety, self-defense and awareness (Taught by Women, For Women Only)
  • Children’s Classes- Introduction to firearms/ safety

VENDORS – Download a vendor information packet by clicking HERE

gun show event flyer january


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A Look Back at Our First Gun Show

Event January 3, 2018

Take a look back with us at our first Gun Show from September 30th, 2017! It was a huge success, with vendors exceeding their sales from larger, 2-day gun shows! Attendees thoroughly enjoyed the family friendly atmosphere, free activities and food.

Utah Gun Exchange is committed to continually bringing family friendly events to our community along with promoting local and veteran owned businesses.

Our next show is January 20th, 2018. We hope to see you there, along with your family and friends! Click our Facebook Event Page for more information!

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Opportunities to work with UGE

Work with us December 4, 2017

downloadUtah Gun Exchange is looking for members of our community to work with us to grow and provide a better experience to everyone. This section will provide information on different areas that we would love the opportunity to work with you. Stay tuned!

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The ATF actually wants to ban ALL 5.56 ammo, not just green-tip.

Commentary March 17, 2015

by Kenny Barlow
Co-Founder, Utah Gun Exchange


The outpouring of opposition from frustrated sportsmen and shooters saved our 5.56 ammo, right? Wrong.

According to ATF Director B. Todd Jones, the ATF move to ban 62 grain surplus 5.56 ammo isn’t over; it is just temporarily “suspended” with a possible plan for expansion.

During the Senate Appropriations Committee on Commerce, Justice, and Science meeting last Thursday (March 12, 2015), Director Jones thought he was just going to have another mundane funding increase request but instead found himself pressed by Committee Chair Senator Richard Shelby (R – AL) on his concerns of the ATF veering into the legislative realm.

From there the Director’s candid responses  seemed all too telling.

As Jim Shepherd from The Shooting Wire (read original article here) reports:

[Senator] Shelby summarized the BATFE’s 2016 $1.3 billion budget request as a $60 million dollar increase over 2015, then flatly remarked: “I am interested in how the agency would use this increased funding, particularly in light of recent complaints from hunters and sportsmen who believe that ATF overstepped its authority by attempting to ban certain ammunition from recreational use.”

Shepherd reports that Jones told the Committee that the effort to ban green-tip wasn’t over:

…he made it very clear that the matter of military surplus ammunition in 5.56 was far from closed. In fact, the characterized the status as “suspended” not withdrawn.

But does it stop at green-tip? Far from it. Director Jones actually took aim at a much wider and far more popular group of ammo:

When Jones was questioned on what Shelby characterized as an “overreach” of authority by ATF earlier this week, he didn’t retreat. Instead, Jones used the opportunity to tell Sen. Shelby’s subcommittee that, because of the growth of AR-style pistols, he now considered “Any 5.56 round to be a challenge to officer safety.”

He then asked lawmakers to help in a review of the 1986 bill written to protect officers from armor-piercing (“cop killer”) rounds. That measure largely exempted 5.56 and a variety of other ammunition because it was used by target shooters and not in weapons readily used by criminals.

That’s right, folks, he said “any 5.56 round”.  He doesn’t find just M855 ammo dangerous, he finds ALL 5.56 rounds to be the problem and then asked lawmakers to revisit the 5.56 armor piercing exemption.  Removing the 5.56 exemption means a de facto ban on AR-Style rifles and pistols because sure you can buy the AR but what good is it if you can’t buy any 5.56 for it? And certainly while this may not withstand judicial scrutiny as “reasonable restrictions”, just like the interstate handgun purchase ban, I’d rather we nip this overreach in the bud now then down the road with drawn out court battles.

This battle for our 5.56 ammo is far, FAR from over.  As Shepherd points out:

Jones candidly stated that – especially with the sales popularity of the AR-style pistol, he considered all 5.56 ammo a threat…

And this administration has shown little reluctance to take unilateral action-especially if it meant being able to make life even more difficult for law-abiding gun owners.

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Everything You Need to Know About the ATF Ammo Ban, and What to Do About It.

In the News February 15, 2015

ATF proposed ban on 5.56 caliber, SS109 and M855 Ammunition

As most everyone knows now, the ATF has proposed a ban on what they consider to be armor piercing ammunition in 5.56, SS109 and M855 that were previously not considered part of the “armor piercing” ammo ban.

There is a tremendous amount of confusion, misinformation and outright lies about the proposal and I hope to clear some of that up today.
Should we be freaking out? YES! This sporting purposes clause is the root of this new attack on our rights and it is strictly an anti-gun measure. As part of the Gun Control Act of 1968 the sporting purposes clause was made into law, largely with the support of domestic firearms manufacturers to reduce cheaper overseas ammo from being imported. This in a nutshell said that only sporting guns could be imported and that “sporting” capability was determined by a points system that was completely arbitrary, at best.
We have numerous instances of case law that state emphatically that the 2nd is NOT about sporting or hunting. In fact US v Miller states very clearly that the ONLY weapons protected by the 2nd are the ones readily suitable by use for the organized and unorganized militia. But the sporting purposes clause is just one more piece of unconstitutional law passed by the Congress and signed into law by LBJ.

Now those saying we should arrest Obama for this because he did this unconstitutional act by executive order. Sigh. He has NOTHING to do with this. Thank LBJ who signed it into law. There is plenty that Obama HAS done, but this is not on him. And as for the Constitutionality of the ruling, it is in fact constitutional. Try looking here.

And here
Delegation of Legislative Power

You can thank Congress for giving ALL regulatory agencies the power they have with no legislative oversight. These agencies can in fact make legal rulings that comply with the law, and the GCA 1968 is in fact law. They have used that law to restrict many things, ammo is the easiest target.

Now this came about because many in the gun community thought we were being clever. I have a friend in government that warned me over a year ago that they were going after the ammo. He is also the one that told me about the arm brace before the ATF ruled on it and it became mainstream. His words to me then were (after sitting in a conference in DC where ATF was there and they said very clearly their intent to do so through ways that were not overtly public and they would be pursuing every avenue available to them). They approved the arm brace and worded the Tech Branch letter KNOWING that the American public would see this as a way around the NFA and paying for an SBR’s tax stamp. Low and behold, they were right. So the AR pistols flooded the market making them mainstream.

Now it is important to remember a few precedents about rifle caliber pistols. Olympic Arms screwed us royally by making an AR pistol in 7.62X39 in the early 90’s. The result was the banning of steel core AK ammo that could be had for $75 per 1,000 delivered. It also left tens of millions of rounds of ammo sitting in customs warehouses that could not be sold, bankrupting some of the biggest importers. Last year the ATF ruled that the AK pistols in 5.45X39 were readily available so they banned the cheaper and more deadly 7N6 round from importation. Now, thanks to the popularity of the arm brace they have found the cause they need under the sporting purposes clause to ban the SS109 and M855. And worst of all, I am told that is EXACTLY what their intent was the whole time. And I believe it. They killed the unrestricted use of the arm brace and made pistol ARs pistols again, and had the tools they needed to move forward with the ammo ban.
What this does is ban the importation or sale of what they consider AP ammo to civilians. What you have is legal, but you can’t buy anymore. This is the most common surplus round out there for the 5.56. The goal is twofold. Raise ammo prices, and keep “dangerous” ammo out of civilian hands. For the safety of the police of course. And the children. We must do it for them and if you don’t agree you are a bad person (Insert violent barfing here, but we know that is their party line). That is another absurdity that we must not allow ourselves to be drug into a debate on since it is meant to distract us from the real issue.

We need to get this insane legislation overturned because the legislation is unconstitutional. They way they are using it unfortunately is completely legal. In order to see what defines their AP ammo, you have to look closely at the wording. Most if it has to do with the composition of the core, and the weight of the jacket vs the total weight of the round. That alone is a determining factor of the danger of the ammo, not actual real world ballistics. In the 70’s many companies had to import their snub nosed revolvers and put the 4” barrel on them so they could leave the customs warehouse, only to take them off and put short ones back on because it did not pass the sporting purposes test. Here is a letter from renowned NFA attorney Mark Barnes.


The sporting purposes test is law, and a very bad one at that. While it is in direct opposition to the intent of the Constitution, it is the law of the land that we need to attack. We need the entire GCA 68 and FOPA of 86 repealed. We need legislative oversight on all regulatory agencies. Until we get those things, the ATF and other agencies have a million and one ways to screw over the people under badly written laws. We can blame a lot of people for these laws, but the fact is they need to be changed. That should be the biggest focus of any citizen. So write the letters to the ATF and Congress. Be polite, concise, and factual. It does make a small difference; we kept Saiga 12ga shotguns from being made into DDs by doing this.

The ATF has said that they “will carefully consider all comments, as appropriate, received on or before March 16, 2015” at this email address:
[email protected]

Consider using the following template:

Subject line: Proposed Ammo Ban

To Whom It May Concern;

I am writing to express my opposition to the proposed administrative ban of lawful ammunition, namely M855 or SS109 commonly known as “green tip.” This ammunition uses a 62 grain projectile that has a steel core component. This ammunition was designed in the cold war era to penetrate eastern bloc helmets and body armor. It is ineffective against the modern body armor available to, and commonly used by law enforcement and the military. It has no armor piercing properties. This ammunition has become an inexpensive sporting round used by many in AR15 and other modern sporting rifles.

This administrative ban by BATFE regulation is another affront to the liberty and rights of the citizens of the United States. We have suffered continuous bureaucratic regulation and arbitrary rule changes that impose an undue burden upon the law abiding citizen. Such regulation is put in place without legislative endorsement or judicial oversight. This proposed regulation will not serve to enhance public safety or deter criminals. It will simply create yet another hardship on citizens using it for lawful purposes, and ammunition manufacturers.

Your Name here

We CAN beat this and then we need to go after our elected representatives and get the sporting purposes clause gone from our law books. It is our biggest enemy, and can be interpreted as they see fit since they can change the rules as they go along.

About the Author:
James is a former armorer for the US Army Special Forces and has been an SOT holder (NFA Manufacturer) for nearly twenty years. He is finishing his Bachelors Degree in Paralegal studies this quarter and will finish his Bachelors in Criminal Justice in March of 2016.

Edit: To learn about the definition and components of the ammo in question read the “Performance” section of this wikipedia link.

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