Protect yourself from fraud

UGE works hard to keep this site free from spam and scam ads. We also want you to protect yourself to help ensure maximum success with your transaction. As is the case with many classified sites we do not verify the validity of the information posted in each classified listing. Please look for warning signs and exercise due diligence on your part to help you have a successful and enjoyable transaction just like many others that use this site.

Here are some things you can do to protect yourself. These are not required but are recommended.

  1. Don’t send any money to anyone in advance unless you are certain of their identity and credibility.
  2. Don’t send any ID or personal information to anyone in advance unless you are certain of their identity and credibility.
  3. If the account has recently been created be cautious.
  4. Remember that “if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is”.
  5. If the other party claims to be unavailable or out of town then be extra careful.
  6. If the telephone number listed in the copy of the ad is different than the one listed at the top of the ad then be extremely careful.
  7. If the seller or buyer “only texts” then be extra careful.
  8. If the seller “only ships” then be extra careful.
  9. Meet in what you consider to be a secure location with good visibility.
  10. Verify the item is exactly what you want before you pay for it.
  11. Ask for a bill of sale and verify the identity and residency of the buyer or seller.
  12. Transact only with residents of the state in which you reside.
  13. Verify method of payment is authentic before completing a transaction.
  14. Obey all laws.
  15. Be careful if seller is stating that the FFL will handle the monetary transaction.

It is NOT required by law but you may want to utilize a local Federal Firearms License(FFL) holder to help maximize your transaction safety and success. Click HERE to see a list of our Approved FFL Holders, their fees, address and business hours. Soon you will be able to schedule an appointment with an FFL directly from this site.

Please click HERE to use our Bill of Sale.

Please use the “Report Problem” feature found at the bottom of classified listings if you think an ad is scam or spam. Please indicate why you believe it is a spam or scam ad to help our Internal Moderation Team.

If you are a regular user of this site and would like to help build a better community and user experience on UGE then you may apply for our volunteer External Moderation Team by e mailing us at [email protected] and include the following information.

  1. Name
  2. Frequency of site usage
  3. Regular days and times of the day that you usually use the site
  4. Telephone number
  5. Best times to reach you
  6. A reasonably short message as to why you want to become a member of the External Moderation Team

Members of our volunteer External Moderation Team may receive UGE branded shirts, hats, stickers, coasters, earplugs and ammo cans as well as have free access to our forthcoming First Shot program.

If you are one of the many wonderful FFL Holders in the UGE community and you would like to be added to our Approved FFL Holder list then please e mail us at [email protected] and let us know the information requested below. This is a great opportunity to help people new to firearms and bring people to your store during slower periods of your day business cycle.

  1. Best contact Name
  2. Best contact number
  3. Best times and days to reach you
  4. Indicate if you have a range and if so, please include the number of lanes and whether you offer a private lane or booth experience.
  5. Indicate whether you offer training for new shooters.
  6. Indicate whether you offer classes for concealed carry permits.

Members of our volunteer External Moderation Team may receive UGE branded shirts, hats, stickers, coasters, earplugs and ammo cans as well as have free access to our forthcoming First Shot program.
Thank you all for helping to create a better community.
Long live the republic!

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