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****May 14, 2021 Updates*****

The 2021 General Legislative Season is now over.    With the hard work and effort of many, H.B. 60, Permit-less Carry, was passed. 

We are now moving into a Special Legislative Session and your help is needed to make sure a Bill to make Utah a 2A Sanctuary is placed on the agenda.  Please review the information below and take action now. 

WHAT: Utah Legislators have proposed a statute and resolution to make Utah a Second Amendment (2A) Sanctuary State; however, Governor Cox has not committed to put this on the agenda for the upcoming Special Session. Many states have already passed 2A Sanctuary Status or are in the process; Utah should be a leader in this movement!
ACTION NEEDED: Contact Governor Cox TODAY and ask him to put a 2A Sanctuary Bill on the Agenda for the Special Session. Help us flood the governor’s phone and email with these requests so that he gets a clear message from all of us!
HOW: Call AND Email Governor Cox:
phone: (801) 538-1000
Twitter: @SpencerJCox
We request that you are respectful and courteous in your messaging. We encourage you to use your own words, but you may also use the example below as a guide / template.
Subject Line: Please place a 2A Sanctuary Bill on the Special Session Agenda
Body: Dear Governor Cox:
I am respectfully requesting that you put a 2A Sanctuary Bill on the agenda for the upcoming Special Session. The 2A protects all other civil rights. As you may know, many counties in Utah have already become 2A Sanctuary Counties. The state of Utah must take a lead in this. Please place this bill on the agenda.
As always, thank you for your help and support. Together we can make a difference!


 Please join our Utah Gun Exchange People’s Voice Rapid Response Team and let your voice be heard in person. Read below for action Phase Information and Updates or e-mail us at [email protected] and let us know you’d like to join the Utah Gun Exchange People’s Voice Rapid Response Team.

UGE has been developing and implementing a methodical, deliberate plan of action to ensure that Utah remains a 2nd Amendment friendly state.   We are unfolding our plan in several phases and will continue to keep you abreast of upcoming events, action items, info on Gun Bills Introduced, 2A Sanctuary activity, etc.   We cannot be successful without YOU.

PHASE 1 – Now Complete. Thank you for those who attended.

  • Support and attend the UGE Co-Sponsored and Promoted Multi-Organizational Pro 2A Freedom Rally Feb 8th
  • Use the excitement of the rally to get volunteers to take further action by contacting their Representatives and Senators (Phase 2) and attending our GUNS SAVE LIVES UTAH EVENT (Phase 3).

PHASE 2 – UNDERWAY. Please do this if you haven’t already. Please repeat as often as you can.

  • Contact your State Representative and Senator.
  • Go to https://le.utah.gov/GIS/findDistrict.jsp
  • Enter your street address & zip code
  • Click on the Representative and Senator’s Names that are displayed
  • A page will be pulled up with their Mailing Address, Phone Number and Email Address
  • Email, text, call and write letters to them as often as you can

PHASE 3 – Now Complete.


Talk with your Representative and Senator and let your voice be heard.

  • Continue to build our volunteer base and community reach through email blasts and Social Media Posts
  • GUNS SAVE LIVES event at the Capitol on Feb. 20th


  • Join our UGE People’s Voice Rapid Response Team to take further effective action.
  • The People’s Voice Rapid Response Team(s) (small groups of volunteers capable of gathering at the Capitol at short notice to show a presence at critical times).  The People’s Voice Rapid Response Team(s) are critical! We want to use this method to apply pressure while Bills are in Committee to let your voice be heard at such a critical time. This is your opportunity to voice your opinion and help stop or promote legislation that can limit or enhance your 2nd Amendment rights. Your voice may be the one to convince them and your presence will be a loud voice of its own.


  • Outreach to every County Commission, County Sheriff, state Representative and state Senator on the 2A Sanctuary County issue.
  • Build 2A Sanctuary County awareness and support.
  • Provide education on the matters of “resolutions” and “ordnances”.
  • Currently building and organizing volunteer structures for every county in Utah…looking for a 2A County Coordinator volunteer for each County

PHASES 6 and 7

  • Coming soon, please stay tuned to UtahGunExchange.com and our UGE Facebook page for more information that will be released soon.


  • Feb 8th Multi Organizational Pro 2A Rally at the Capitol on the south steps -11am, over 3,000 in attendance
  • Feb 20th The Utah Gun Exchange GUNS SAVE LIVES EVENT inside the Capitol – 10am, over 300 in attendance
  • Feb 24th The Utah Gun Exchange People’s Voice Rapid Response Team shows presence in Committee Meetings at the Capitol -3:30pm, as several Gun Legislation Bills are discussed. 60+ in attendance

HB115, Dangerous Weapon Custodian Liability, voted down and killed

HB136, Safe Storage of Firearms, motion to table failed, not passed out of committee

HB109, Universal Background Checks, tabled

  • Feb 26th The Utah Gun Exchange People’s Voice Rapid Response Team shows presence in Committee Meeting at the Capitol -8am, Firearm Preemption, over 25 in attendance

HB0271, Firearm Preemption, This bill passed out of Committee and will proceed to the House for further action

All of these efforts have been tremendously successful in allowing the people to share their opinions and affect the outcome of these matters in a way that reflects their will. We thank everyone who has participated in our events for taking action to defend our rights.

If you are available for any of the following items and would like to get involved in defending our rights, please email us at [email protected] and let us know how you’d like to help.

  • People’s Voice Rapid Response Team
  • Security
  • Photos
  • Video and/or Editing
  • Event set up / take down
  • Event Station Staffing
  • Share personal story relative to the 2ndAmendment in your life
  • Letting us promote you and your story or social media page

Thank you again for your support!   As we move forward together, we can show Utah and the Nation what can happen when Patriots unite and do the work required to safeguard our Constitutional Rights.

Thank you,


You can also stay up to date on current legislative actions being taken by our friends at the Utah Shooting Sports Council as they lobby for your rights by going to their website at https://utahshootingsportscouncil.org/ or listening to Gun Radio Utah each Saturday from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM on 105.9 FM KNRS.

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