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  1. I just wanted to drop a line and say “great job”. I seen that you guys put on a class for teachers, students etc. on the Facebook page and of course I shared it. The reason i say that is, I am an employee with a school district here in Utah and I am also a permit holder and I do carry daily at work. I feel obligated to do so in the hopes that I can step up if the need arise, god willing it never does but I will be one put put myself in the way between what ever evil presents itself and the children of our future. I believe it to an important step in securing a safe place for our children to learn and to see Utah Gun Exchange step up and offer such a useful resource to our teachers and staff members is commendable and should be recognized. So I am saying thank you for the service you have provided to so many that feel the same way about keeping our gift in life our future our children and others safe.
    Keep up the great work!!!

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