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Just trying to find firearms and accessories that are right for me.

Things I have Observed/Experienced since 2013...

Ammo is Temporary - Firearms are permanent. Keep that in mind when you "Wheel and Deal" with anyone.

If you automatically offer Half or less of the asking price don't get 'Butt-Hurt' if you are ignored.

If you can find the exact same thing on XYZ dot com, why don't you order it from them?

Does anyone else just ignore ads in ALL CAPS or is it just me? OR red velvet backgrounds?

I Wish We could click a User Name and have the option to Mute or Hide them.

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Tavor SAR 9mm Conversion Kit
Tavor SAR 9mm Conversion Kit


Ogden, Utah | Like New

Tavor SAR 9mm Conversion Kit ($600, Or Best cash Offer. $700 trade value for Ruger GP100 6″ 357 or 44mag) Gun Broker dot com lists […]

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