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Trajectory Arms is focused on the belief that weapons used for duty or self defense are life-saving equipment. We believe that these weapons should meet rigorous quality control standards that you would expect from such equipment.

We believe that the more our customers understand about our system, they will be able to make more educated decisions and become more capable users of the AR platform in general. Providing the technical knowledge behind why components are used is critical to building a system that best meets the end-user’s mission. We aren’t just here to show you shiny pictures of the parts you might want, but we want to build the perfect system for your needs.

Rifle building is more than just putting the right parts in the right places. Attention is paid to every aspect from choosing and testing components, the assembly process, quality controls throughout, and the final delivery and long term support to the end user.

Our company is built on the shoulders of people who believe in putting our best foot forward in every aspect of our business. We come from various backgrounds but we are all driven by the same vision – Tenacious attention to detail and supporting our products no matter what.

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