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We live in a world that we really don’t know anything about. We do not know how to behave if the ATM refuses to give out money; what to eat if shops close for a week; what to drink if there is no water in the tap; where to run if the city is captured by the enemy. Military people can take care of themselves: they were taught this. What should civilians do? Where to run? And most importantly - what to take with you? This post is devoted to the last question. Best survival & tactical gear - https://rotorm.com/- An alarming (emergency) case is a generic name for a basic set of things that you may need in any emergency.

A survival kit is simply a set of supplies and basic tools that are pre-equipped to manage your survival situation. The best survival equipment should not be too expensive or too bulky. However, the kit must adapt to your activities, your needs and, most importantly, the climate in which you will use the equipment.

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A civilian alarm case, as a rule, is a complete backpack with a volume of 30 liters or more, which contains a minimum set of clothes, hygiene items, medicines, tools, self-defense items and food. All things in an alarming backpack should be new (and periodically updated) and should not be used in everyday life.

The civilian alarm backpack is intended only for one thing - the most rapid evacuation from the danger zone. An earthquake, a flood, a fire, a bad criminogenic situation, the epicenter of hostilities and so on are called a dangerous zone. An alarming backpack should be in every family. If you do not think so, then do not read on.

Survival bag

First of all, you need to decide on the "suitcase" itself. For this purpose, it is best to use a backpack. Imagine a situation in which you have to walk instead of driving a car. For example, there may be congestion on the roads, and you will need to continue the evacuation on foot. They threw a backpack and went.

It is worth saying about the packaging of the backpack. Small and expeditionary backpacks need to be packed not according to the “heavy bottom” principle, but to distribute the weight in it evenly. It’s good if your backpack has a lower section - a “basement” or a valve.

Stack things so that you can easily find what you need. It is good if the backpack comes with a rain cover. If it is not, then you can buy it separately. And of course, the backpack should be of high quality, so as not to fall apart after 30 minutes of wear in difficult conditions.

List of things to survive

The best backpack for survival should be completely filled with all the necessary elements. The bag should be spacious enough to accommodate what you need most. This is the best backpack because it is made of high quality 600D polyester. The bag is not only durable and durable, but also completely filled with the necessary elements of survival, which include: food, water, a first aid kit, a small dynamo, a radio, water purification tablets, biological bags, glasses, a mask, and leather gloves.

Now consider in more detail the list of things and products that should be in the backpack. The list is based in part on recommendations from the New York State Emergency Service. Perhaps in your area or for your family the list will have to be shortened or expanded. For example, for people of age or children.

So, for the emergency situations described above, you should have a high-quality reliable backpack with such things and products at your disposal.

1. Copies of important documents in waterproof packaging. Make copies of your passports, car rights, documents proving your rights to real estate, a car in advance. Documents need to be laid so that they can be easily obtained. It is advisable to put photographs of relatives and friends with documents.
2. Credit cards and cash. You should always (at any time) have a supply of money.
3. Duplicate keys to the house and car.
4. A map of the area and brought to the knowledge of all family members the emergency contact method and meeting place.
5. Communication devices and access to information. A small radio with the ability to receive VHF or FM band. On sale there are inexpensive receivers with a dynamo for power. The receiver allows you to keep abreast of what is happening. Spare batteries for the receiver. You can take an inexpensive mobile phone with a charger.
6. A flashlight, or rather a few, with spare batteries and bulbs for it.
7. Compass and watch. Buy waterproof.
8. Multitool - a multifunctional tool. Usually it looks like folding pliers, in the handles of which additional tools are hidden (knife, awl, saw, screwdriver, scissors and much more).
9. Knife and hatchet.
10. Signal devices (whistle, raised flare).
11. Garbage bags with a capacity of 120 liters. Five pieces. Can replace the tent, if cut.
12. A roll of wide tape.
13. Packaging condoms (12 pieces without box, without grease and flavoring). It can be useful in many situations.
14. The cord is synthetic, diameter - 4-5 mm, length - 20 m.
15. Notebook and pencil.
16. Threads and needles.
17. First aid kit. The amount of medicine is designed to help not only yourself, but also others: bandages, adhesive tape, iodine, cotton; activated carbon (intoxication); "Paracetamol" (antipyretic); "Suprastin" (allergy); Immodium (diarrhea); "Phthalazole" (intestinal infection); "Albucid" (eye drops); powdered antibiotics.
18. Medications you take on an ongoing basis for a week, indicating the dosage and method of use. Names and phone numbers of your doctors. Keep track of the expiration date of the drugs (when packing, enter the revision date of the drugs on the calendar).
19. Clothing. Underwear (two sets). Cotton socks (two pairs). Spare pants, shirt or jacket, raincoat, knitted hat, mittens, scarf. Reliable and comfortable shoes.
20. Mini-tent, foam mat, sleeping bag.
21. Hygiene products: a toothbrush and toothpaste, a small bar of soap, a towel (sold pressed in supermarkets), toilet paper, several packs of dry handkerchiefs, several handkerchiefs, and wet wipes. For women - personal hygiene products. You can take a razor and manicure set.
22. Accessories for children.
23. Dishes: cauldron, flask, spoon, mug (preferably metal 0.5 l), folding cup.
24. Matches (preferably tourist). Lighter.
25. The supply of food for several days. Everything that can be eaten without cooking and that takes up little space is stored for a long time. Drinking water for 1-2 days, which must be periodically updated. High-calorie sweets (very good for this is the Snickers, which is still used by tactical military groups). A handful of candy.
26. Products: 2 cans of good stew; biscuits; soup bags; canned meat or fish; if there is a place - any cereals, pasta, dry vegetable convenience foods.
27. Vodka or medical alcohol.
28. Family values, relics, but only after packing the most necessary. Tent, karemat, sleeping bag are optional, but desirable. Without them, the volume of the backpack will be no more than 30 liters.

EDC sets. Short guide

It does not matter who you are: a professional hunter or just a tourist, you decide to take a walk in the park or go out to the forest for mushrooms, go on a long voyage or conquer Mount Everest, go to the Volga River to catch a bream or winter bear hunt. Far from civilization, you will need special equipment that can save your life at some point! Therefore, do not neglect this and do not spare money. No wonder there is a saying - avaricious pays twice!

On the Internet there are many products for hiking and expeditions. But most of them are useless dust collectors that will lie idle in your pantry. Among all this rubbish, I picked up truly interesting and useful products that are indispensable attributes of any self-respecting outdoor enthusiast!

The phrase “Every day carry” or abbreviated EDC we hear in almost all survival aids. What is it? Not everyone fully understands the meaning of this term.
Today I’ll tell you what an EDC kit is, how to assemble an inexpensive kit for yourself, and is it worth it to complete a similar organizer for yourself?

"Every day carry" in translation from English means "everyday." EDC is a collection of specific items that you regularly use, day after day. To date, EDC enjoy wildly popular around the world.

The items included in the EDC can be very different, depending on what type of activity you are engaged in. For example, a car mechanic will conveniently put a miniature set of keys in his bag, a photographer with spare lenses, and a programmer with a netbook. I think the essence is clear to you.

EDC Composition

Let's add some specifics. Now I’ll talk about exactly what items should be located in your EDC. The contents of your "cosmetic bag" should be:

1. Multifunctional
2. Compact
3. Invisible
4. It has a long shelf life.

Separated EDC Set

1. Train - things that I carry with me every day.
2. Train - things that I have at hand (at home, in the car, at work).
3. Train - equipment for survival (crisis / precrisis situation).

How to choose for yourself

Things that absolutely everyone should have. Regardless of who you are by profession, origin or religion:

Knife. The knife is primarily needed for cutting something, creating holes (not necessarily in a person).
Gas spray. A cylinder and a knife are two brothers who will help fight off 2-4 people or fill up these 2-4 people alone (if you have enough spirit).
Lantern. It can be useful everywhere: to light up your path, use it for self-defense, scare away predators or blind a bully.
Lighter. The source of fire, and fire, is known to be a source of heat. Without it, it is impossible to survive in the wild.
Multitool. A miniature toolbox with everything you need for survival. Multitool is required to purchase.
Leather belt or bracelet made of paracord. Who does not know what a paracord is, I will tell in a separate article. The belt can also be used as a tourniquet to pull a wound and like a rope.
Notepad and pen. Useful to make some notes and notes. Very convenient, do not have to memorize unnecessary information.

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