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Pregnancy is a special period in the life of every woman. With its onset, absolutely everything changes: feelings, emotions, a look at the world around us, and, of course, the size of the tummy. The overall well-being and comfort of the future mother is greatly affected by the growth of the abdomen. They can no longer lie in the usual pose, you have to sleep solely on your side or on your back.
With the onset of the 3rd semester, the pressure on the spine becomes so strong that women experience increased back pain, so rest and restful sleep are incredibly important at this stage in the life of the future mother. In connection with this factor, experts have invented special tools that help women in a position to gain healthy sleep and comfort.

In this article, we are choosing the best pillow for pregnant women: TOP 7 rating, types and sizes, filler, reviews, and descriptions of the entire range below.

Women who are waiting for the baby should take care of quality sleep. Due to the growing abdomen, choosing a comfortable position is not easy. Special pillows for pregnant women will come to the rescue, the existence of which you didn’t even suspect before a new life arose within you. We will tell you about how to choose a pillow that is right for you.

Closer to 4-5 months of pregnancy, the size of the grown tummy is already such that they bring certain inconveniences to the woman.

Especially they appear before falling asleep, when the future mom tries to take the most comfortable position. But in this beautiful time strong and prolonged sleep is more important than ever before.

But there is still a way out - to use an unusual assistant who can facilitate this process. That is why it is so important to understand how to choose a pillow for pregnant women, what are the sizes, shapes and fillers of these products and how useful they are for future mothers.

Pillow for pregnant women - a special device made from soft but keeping in shape materials that are hypoallergenic.

Not all future mothers represent why a pad is needed at all, if it is possible to sleep on a standard cushion.

But pregnancy experts advise women to still get a specially designed device that allows you to:

The benefit of pillows is to take the most comfortable position before falling asleep, thus ensuring a long and comfortable sleep, as well as during the rest during the day, reading literature, watching television programs;
reduce physical stress on the female body during the period when the tummy is especially enlarged and prevents from performing any actions (the roller is used for laying under the waist or legs);
forget about the discomfort and numerous inconveniences that are characteristic of standard models, if you put them under the belly;
to significantly reduce the severity of road shaking during road trips, since you can put a pillow under the spine or wrap the belly with it.


The body of a pregnant woman is experiencing increased stress and is working in a heightened mode. It is very important that the night's sleep was full, helping to recuperate.

Lack of sleep, poor quality of sleep leads to irritability, fatigue, exhaustion of the nervous system.

Dear friends, I suggest that we talk about the future mother’s good sleep helpers — pillows for pregnant women: which one to choose, which one is better, more convenient and safer, and the fillers and options for using a pillow.

The reason for this article was the pregnancy of my girlfriend, Natalia. She developed insomnia, as her abdomen grew more and more difficult to find a comfortable posture at night and resting during the day.

On the advice of friends, she thought about buying a special pillow. We investigated what offers for the future mother in the modern market. But first things first.
Causes of Sleep Disorders in Pregnant Women

Expectant mother has a very difficult time. To carry a child is a big job. Not surprisingly, about 80% of women in this difficult period of sleep is disturbed.

Psychological causes adversely affect sleep in the first weeks of pregnancy: excessive susceptibility, disturbing thoughts, worries about the upcoming changes in life. An unstable state of mind can even manifest itself as nightmares.

The physiological causes of poor sleep become dominant with the growth of the fetus and the increasing load on the body: digestion is upset, bloating worries, breathing becomes difficult, pain in the legs, back, lower abdomen, pressure of the uterus on the bladder makes it more likely to wake up, and convulsions may disturb at night.

In the latter stages of pregnancy, it is becoming more difficult to find a comfortable position for sleeping:

sleep on the stomach is extremely undesirable for the safety of the future baby,

sleep on the back is also contraindicated - internal organs experience excessive pressure of the uterus, especially the inferior vena cava, blood circulation is disturbed, which can lead to dizziness, swelling of the legs and arms.

The movement of the baby may also interfere with falling asleep: if the posture is unsuccessful, he may lack oxygen.

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