Pro 2A Rally Info

Updated 02/04/2020

Pro 2A Rally Info

 Utah Gun Exchange Sponsoring Second Amendment Rally at Capitol

WHEN:           Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

WHERE:        Utah State Capitol – South Steps

Utah Gun Exchange, in response to recent proposals from legislators, including red flag laws, universal background checks and the elimination of private transfers, which would substantially infringe upon our constitutional rights, seeks to unite people in support of our freedoms and show our legislators that we are resolute in the support of our Constitution.  As such, we are co-sponsoring Utah’s first Pro 2A Freedom Rally of 2020 with Open Carry Utah, Oath Keepers, Utah Shooters and the Utah Firearms Association in an effort to preserve our freedoms for all people now and for future generations to come.

Please join us in celebrating our constitutional freedoms that allow us to prevent atrocities and remain free to pursue our lives, liberty and happiness.

The list of speakers scheduled to appear is diverse and impressive. Clark Aposhian, Chairman of the Utah Shooting Sports Council, will deliver the keynote address.


What To Bring

  • Flags, signs, and symbols that clearly show your support for our country, Constitution, community & family
  • Enthusiasm, family and friends


  • Parking can be limited / congested, plan ahead
  • Arrive Early to secure parking…. Plan to have to walk a bit depending on crowd levels
  • We will post additional information on parking options as needed


  • Please be aware that participants may be carrying firearms in both concealed and open carry fashion in accordance with all laws.

Volunteers needed

  • Anyone willing to share their personal and compelling story with a crowd, or State Representative about why it is important to you to keep our Second Amendment Intact and strong. Utah Gun Exchange will coordinate the meeting with the Utah State Representative(s). They want and need to hear from you.  Personal stories from Moms, Daughters, and Sisters would be especially compelling.
  • Picketers (we will provide the signs)
  • Sign Holders (we will provide the signs)
  • Security
  • Photographers (amateur is fine, we just want documentation)
  • Videographers (amateur is fine, we just want documentation)
  • General Assistance

Those wishing to volunteer may e-mail us at [email protected]

More information will be released on this page as it develops and we get closer to the event. Please stay in touch for any updates.

To keep informed on the status of current 2A-related legislation in Utah, please visit the Utah Shooting Sports Council at: https://utahshootingsportscouncil.org/219-2/

From our Friends at the NRA 02/04/2020

“The Utah Legislature began its 2020 legislative session last Monday, and anti-gun lawmakers are already introducing numerous gun control bills.  It is important that gun owners and sportsmen across Utah stay actively involved in these issues throughout 2020.

Multiple gun control measures have already been introduced and your legislators need to hear from you.

House Bill 109 bans most firearm sales and transfers between private individuals without first paying fees and obtaining government permission.  Firearm sales between friends or neighbors would not be exempted.  This proposal would have no impact on crime and is completely unenforceable.

House Bill 115 defines “firearm custodian” and makes them liable for the illegal actions of others.  This measure could make law-abiding gun owners liable if their firearms were stolen and then used in a crime, shifting the responsibility from criminals to law-abiding individuals.

House Bill 136 creates a blanket requirement that all firearms be locked and stored in a manner where an unauthorized or prohibited person would be unable to access them.  Gun safety and storage is a matter of personal responsibility and every person’s situation is different.  It is unreasonable for the law to impose a one-size-fits-all solution.  In short, this measure invades people’s homes and forces them to render their firearms useless for self-defense or become criminals.

House Bill 229 is an extreme “red flag” gun confiscation measure that authorizes the seizure of firearms and ammunition from individuals without sufficient due process.  Anti-gun lawmakers have introduced this measure to damage the Second Amendment rights of Utahans.  Bills similar to this one have been introduced in a number of other states, wholly supported by gun control organizations and the lawmakers they have invested in.

Constitutional rights should only be restricted with sufficient due process of law.  The Right to Keep and Bear Arms should not be treated as a second-class right and should only be restricted when due process protections are in place.

It is more important than ever for Utah NRA Members and Second Amendment supporters to contact their lawmakers in opposition to this gun control agenda.  The 2020 Session is short and bills will move very quickly.”

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