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Utah Licensed Bail Enforcement Agent (AKA)
"Bounty Hunter"
NRA Basic Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor, & Range Safety Officer. USSC "Business Member"
Many CFP Instructors who are "Citizens" do not have the experience I have carrying concealed, and having to use their Firearm to protect themselves, or being confronted with Deadly Force on any giving day, like when(searching houses.) Police who conceal carry can always yell out "Police!" We don't have that luxury as "Citizens." Therefore, take a CFP class with a guy who is a "Citizen" like you. Come hear great stories of personal "real life" experiences in Utah and traveling out of State with my gun to hunt down violent fugitives. (Documented Stories) I know what it is like to be in "bad areas" late at night, outnumbered, yet safely go home.
My prior 10 years of experience as a National Licensed Soccer Coach and Safety Instructor (Heavy Equipment) has prepared me to understand my student’s needs, and effectively teach them the Fundamentals for first time shooters, or those new to owning firearms.

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