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I like turtles
I'm a radical humanist and objectivist. Religious beliefs go without saying. I pity the fool who can't figure that out.
I believe
The 2nd amendment to the Constitution quite plainly says that since the "state" must wield an armed force in order to maintain "our" security (defense being the principal legitimate purpose of a people organizing themselves as a state), the people can not be denied the right to arm themselves, because the people ARE the state.

It's got nothing to do with hunting. It's about being guaranteed the right to defend yourself against being victimized/harassed/terrorized by whoever (gangs of monkeys and their kids etc.), up to and including the "state". It's also a protection against the state's organizational apparatus being hijacked by "unsavory types". It happens.

The concept is to prevent excessive misbehavior, because the few who would act that way (because that's the type of person they are) recognize that they can't get away with it, so they don't do it in the first place.

Humans being humans, things go bad quickly without this right being constitutionally guaranteed.

I'm pretty much as straightforward of a person you'll ever find, within my limited knowledge. By that I mean I'm once in a while guilty of bulls*itting to disguise my ignorance. But generally smarter than I look rather than the opposite. "I don't know" comes out of my mouth easily and often.

Born and raised in Utah, lived and worked in 9 other states from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and to the borders with Canada and Mexico.

I don't like low quality people and they don't like me. Whether they were raised by crappy parents or whatever the reason. I've been dealing with people like this on a weekly basis from when I was around 6 years old, except for the times I was not in Utah (hmm). It's not that hard to know without even thinking when you're doing something that would make the other person want to cave in your face, and believe me I didn't miss much. It's almost like Utah is overloaded with idiots and as*holes, I can't figure out why. Their psychological profile is identical with a chimpanzee's. By that I mean apparently they think any bad behavior is fine as long as they've got their "troop" nearby.

Lucky for me 99.9 percent of the people in the world are NOT of this type.

As for myself, I stand on my own two feet. Not sorry for not meekly sitting in a little pigeon-hole.

Let's go have some fun.

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Layton, Utah | Used

I bought this for my Sig 556 classic swat and never mounted it because I never had a front sight to match it with. I’ve […]

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Layton, Utah | Used

Holds 13 45acp cartridges, it came with a 1911 I bought but I never used it because it gouges into magwell flare extensions and every […]

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Layton, Utah | Used

This is the vagabond Springbar tent, a very substantial shelter, they’re currently priced at $700 new, I bought this used and used it a bunch […]

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No-name and vintage Colt
No-name and vintage Colt


Layton, Utah | Used

I’ve got 3 1911 magazines that need to find a home better than my bookshelf. Chip McCormick Power 10 $35 never mind I’ll keep it […]

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Day 21 with Sküter Aug 30, 2020
Day 21 with Sküter Aug 30, 2020


Layton, Utah | New

Pictures don’t want to load, so please inquire by text if you’re interested in any of my ads. The favored knife of the gangs of […]

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Left side as good as the right
Left side as good as the right


Layton, Utah | Used

Great pistol, accurate, reliable, and probably the most mild-mannered 44 mags you’d find, with the ported barrel it’s nothing for anyone to fear, recoil is […]

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Layton, Utah | Used

It’s a good quality shotgun, I’ve had for a few months, it sits loaded in my bathroom closet, but I’ve not shot it. Text for […]

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