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The guidelines of the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) Standards Committee for Sexual Medicine suggest that treatment with PDE-5-inhibitors can be effective in most Erectile Dysfunction etiologies except after severe damage of the parasympathetic cavernous nerves1. Some patients experience back pain or muscle aches that typically occur 12 to 24 hours after taking Tadalista.
I started Tadalista about 10 days ago primarily to avert penile atrophy ( on HT - no Iibido) I'm on a daily 5 mg dose for an initial 28 day trial. In some patients, the use of Fildena with alpha-blockers can lead to a drop in blood pressure or to fainting. These medications might include drugs used to treat:

In May 2005, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found that Tadalista (along with other PDE5 inhibitors) was associated with vision impairment related to NAION ( nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy ) in certain patients taking these drugs in the post-marketing (outside of clinical trials) setting. Summing it up, we can say that there's a lot of evidence stating that this medication can be very effective in treating sexual dysfunction in women just like it does in men - but it will only be approved for such use when the doctors make sure it's absolutely harmless for women. Please, remember that you are not allowed to take Tadalista along with nitrates (medicines used to treat chest pain or recreational drugs known as ‘poppers'), antihypertensives or alpha-blockers as it may lead to severe hypotension or cardiac problems.

You are not likely to experience these unless you overdose on Tadalista or take it with any of the forbidden medications that intensify its effect too much. As though excruciating joint pain and digestive problems aren't enough, Tadalista patients have experienced a wide range of other unpleasant side effects. While we're at it, we'll look at a few of the other libido-killing side effects of Tadalista and other drugs of its ilk.

Unlike other medicines for erectile dysfunction, Tadalista is effective for a period of 36 hours. The drug's label also warns of erections lasting longer than four hours, painful erections lasting longer than six hours, headache, flushed skin and vision problems. It may aid in the treatment of enlarged hearts that can result from high blood pressure, tests on animals indicate.

The possibility of a link with blindness was raised publicly earlier this year, when Dr. Howard Pomeranz of the University of Minnesota reported in an ophthalmology journal seven patients who reported NAION vision loss occurring within 36 hours of a Fildena dose. Pressure on the FDA to investigate reports of side effects has increased since Merck & Co. yanked its pain reliever Vioxx from the market last year because of potentially deadly heart trouble. WASHINGTON — Federal health officials are probing reports of blindness among dozens of men who used Fildena and other impotence drugs — but at the same time cautioning that the vision loss can be linked to the same illnesses that lead to impotence.

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