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Simple Ways to Prevent Muscle Injury
Straining, pulling, or tearing muscle is painful. It can also lead to downtime, physical therapy, and even surgery. While muscle injury may seem like a single incident, it is typically the result of sustained overuse. back and knee brace center after a touch football game over the weekend, tension in the hands and wrists during a work day on the computer, or stiff shoulders in the middle of a shift are all warning signs that muscles are being pushed to the limit.

Listen to the Body

Ignoring these signs or masking them with ibuprofen is not wise. Those areas are screaming for support so be proactive and listen to your body. Spend time stretching and warming up muscles before work or activity. Fifteen minutes is all it takes to help prevent a torn ligament, pulled tendons, and inflamed muscles. Done consistently, this practice will prepare the body for the stress and stain it will endure in the coming hours.

Strengthen those muscles as well. Build them up with exercise, weight training, proper nutrition, and hydration. Mention adjustable knee support or swelling to the doctor to rule out any medical conditions and ask about exercises before starting a program. One session with a trainer can be helpful to get started. There are also exercises online if a trainer is not available.


Providing extra support to muscles used repeatedly during sports, hobbies, or work will make the difference between mild soreness and a torn muscle. Most products, such as Mueller braces and supports, can be found over the counter. Compare brands to ensure quality and pay close attention to measurements on the packaging. A support should be snug but not tight. soft knee brace supports like elbow bands will need to be fitted to remain in place throughout the activity.

An improper fit can cause more damage instead of preventing any. A knee brace that is too small, for example, will deprive muscles of oxygen and place severe strain on the surrounding ligaments and tendons. The result is pain in the thighs and shins along with the knee pain.

Proper Use

When fitted and used properly, Mueller braces and supports have helped prevent injury for decades. Originally developed for professional athletes, the latest technology is combined with years of research to introduce products that are affordable, safe, and effective. There are pages of information and suggestions regarding products on the website. Supports vary in materials and function so learning what type is the best for a specific part of the body can only improve fit and use.

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