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Seeking Local Media Relationships

Work with us January 3, 2018

UtahGunExchange.com is seeking to establish working relationships with local media companies incuding radio, TV, and print.  

Specifically, we would like to collaborate in joint marketing operations targeting like-minded demographics.  If you own or work for a Utah radio station, television station, or print distribution … we want to talk to you!  Except KNRS …. boo!!!

UtahGunExchange has siginificant viewership and a substantial base of loyal followers.  Our community is loyal to liberty, and will fight for our collective cause.  

Media companies will enjoy the benefit of a loyal and greater audience driven by UtahGunExchange.  You will also be featured on our website, at our gunshows, and receive a free advertising booth to promote your brand.

In return, media companies will promote UtahGunExchange.  Financial arrangements welcome.

Please email workwithus@utahgunexchange.com to start the dialogue!

Thank you!

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