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Event January 6, 2018

If you want to sell your products at our upcoming January 20th gunshow, or have not paid for your booth, don’t wait!  Get your slot confirmed now.  We are nearly SOLD-OUT.

Exhibitor Information Packet ——  > CLICK HERE

UtahGunExchange exhibitor says, “I sold more product in one day at the UtahGunExchange Gunshow than I did in two days at the Crossroads show.”

This gunshow is going to be incredible!  We have attractions never before seen at Gunshows.  Love it!

Spreading the cause of freedom from the 2nd Amendment Capital of the United States 🇺🇸


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Seeking Local Media Relationships

Work with us January 3, 2018

UtahGunExchange.com is seeking to establish working relationships with local media companies incuding radio, TV, and print.  

Specifically, we would like to collaborate in joint marketing operations targeting like-minded demographics.  If you own or work for a Utah radio station, television station, or print distribution … we want to talk to you!  Except KNRS …. boo!!!

UtahGunExchange has siginificant viewership and a substantial base of loyal followers.  Our community is loyal to liberty, and will fight for our collective cause.  

Media companies will enjoy the benefit of a loyal and greater audience driven by UtahGunExchange.  You will also be featured on our website, at our gunshows, and receive a free advertising booth to promote your brand.

In return, media companies will promote UtahGunExchange.  Financial arrangements welcome.

Please email workwithus@utahgunexchange.com to start the dialogue!

Thank you!

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Seeking Social Media Influencers

Work with us January 3, 2018

UtahGunExchange.com is seeking to establish relationships with social media influencers in Utah that have a following in excess of 100,000 subscribers.  Influencers should be publishing relevant content and have an interest in working with UtahGunExchange and spreading information relevant to our website and/or our social media pages.

UtahGunExchange can contribute value to the influencer in many ways.  Please email workwithus@utahgunexchange.com and tell us about yourself.  You can also visit the UtahGunExchange Facebook page and submit a private message.

Provide information about:

1.  Yourself

2.  Your channels and followers

3.  Your content

4.  How you think we can perform marketing operations together
Thank you!



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Hiring Social Media Monetization Master!

Work with us December 18, 2017

Utah Gun Exchange is seeking like-minded, knowledgeable, and passionate associates to work with us on our projects.

We are seeking to hire a “Social Media Monetization Master”

Basically, we want to hire the Rambo of social media!  Responsibility is to establish, maintenance, and monetize any and all forms of relevant social media opportunities.  This includes YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram, and anything else that gun guys wouldn’t know about.

Trust me, we can create more insane quality content then you can imagine.  You need to deliver it to extreme masses quickly and inexpensively.  And, most importantly, create revenue!

As the Social Media Monetization Master, you will be responsible to:

  1. Create and narrate a compelling social media monetization road map to success. This also includes an economic pro-forma.
  2. Establish and communicate budgets, timelines, and measurable milestones in support of the agreed upon monetization road map.
  3. Execute the project and maintenance long term.
  4. Set expectations, and meet the expectations you establish.
  5. Spread your passion for the 2nd Amendment across the land via social media!

Please submit your application in the form of an email to workwithus@utahgunexchange.com and please include:

  1. Resume
  2. Stories of past relevant work experience and or visuals
  3. Brief reasons you think you are right for this insane awesome opportunity.


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Seeking Photographer, Videographer, Editor

Work with us December 8, 2017

Utah Gun Exchange is seeking like minded, knowledgeable, and passionate associates to work with us on our projects.

We are seeking an individual, or individuals, that would like to join us to photo / video / edit / publish and also participate in our incredible movie and film making activities.  You will have access to the Utah Gun Exchange management crew and our incredible line-up of firearms and equipment.

In short, this is a heck of a lot of fun for people with the right expertise that could also turn into a bigger opportunity.  Initially, you will provide your own video and editing equipment.  Good results will yield profitable future opportunity.

Please submit your application in the form of an email to workwithus@utahgunexchange.com


  1. Resume
  2. Examples of your previous work product
  3. Brief reason you believe you are the right choice.

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