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I have 4 Diamond LIFETIME memberships available to Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.  These memberships allow you to attend as many of their 50+ fir...

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Online auction of Front Sight Lifetime DIAMOND/AMBASSADOR MEMBERSHIP covering all 52 courses. Retail value $25,000. Auction benefits Treasure Valley Pheasants F...

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Salt Lake City

The Utah Precision Marksmanship Society (UPMS.ORG) started a rifle program at the University of Utah. The classes are incredibly popular and we have been asked ...

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Save 38% off private One-on-One firearms training today! “Our purpose is to train and prepare ordinary people for extraordinary circumstances.”&nbs...

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South Jordan

First Aid/CPR/AED class class lasts about four hours. Call and schedule your buisness today. Certification lasts 2 years

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Learn the ins and outs of trapping Utah's furbearers. Attend two days of course work, in class you will learn trap selection, trap preperation, animal behavior ...

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Woman at Front Sight
Woman at Front Sight



This outstanding entry level course is for those who want to get a fast start on their gun training. Have these courses available: 2 Day Defensive Handgun $19...

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Salt Lake City

4-DAY DEFENSIVE HANDGUN,SHOTGUN or RIFLE TRAINING.  INCLUDES A 2 DAY GUN RENTAL CERTIFICATE   Regardless of your experience, upon completion of thi...

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Need help purchasing a your first firearm?, but unsure what to chose? Want training in basic to moderate Firearm Drills? Such as Muscle Memory training, Problem...

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I have several memberships for Front Sight Academy out in Parump NV, these are all inclusive memberships for life!!! asking $350 each, when if you bought them f...

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Fairfield (outside of Eagle Mountain)

Women’s Practical Handgun April 18th in Fairfield UT   This is our introduction into the Handgun. This class is great for beginners but shooters of...

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