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Looking for a Daniel Defense Mk18 pistol, 10.3" barrel. I am selling two rifles to get the cash for a Mk18. I am willing to purchase just an upper or an entire ...

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Looking for an AR15 lower for a new build. I prefer spikes, rock river, STS, mag tactical or NFA Billet C4. Will also take PSA, Anderson or bushmaster. I have ...

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Layton to SLC

I have a nice fde mil spec magpul stock. I bought the wrong size. I need a commercial stock. If it is a nicer model I have trades to make up the difference. Let...

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Looking for a remington 700 in 270, 30-06, or 25-06. Feel free to send pics and let me know what you have. Thanks 435-770-1280

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Layton to SLC

I am looking for a sig Pistol brace. I will pay $60 cash or $75 trade for it. I don't care if it is Gen 1 or 2, and I prefer FDE, but will take black as well. I...

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Looking for a Taurus pt92 9mm let me know what you have thanks

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Interested in purchasing an unaltered Norinco 1911 in 45 ACP. New or like new condition.   If anyone out there has one they would like to sell let me kno...

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I want a Sub2000 in 9mm, preferably one that takes Smith and Wesson mags. Text pics 435-770-3369

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I want a Heizer defense pistol in .223. Text me pics 435-770-3369

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I want a double tap in 9mm. I am not interested in the .45. Extra points for ported barrel. Text me pics 435-770-3369

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Looking for mags for a Gen 3 Glock 22. Please text me with what you have and the prices! Thanks a ton!

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Salt Lake Cioty

Wanted to buy - Plate Carrier with Pouches. Needs to be new or almost new - with padding system and in FDE or Tan or Green or Mutli-Cam. Prefer Cumberbund as we...

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Spanish Fork

I need a WWII Thompson drum magazine.

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I am looking for some FFFg powder for a black powder cannon. FFF grade Pyrodex P or Triple 7 will also work. Let me know what you have!    

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looks like this
looks like this

Im searching for the old style wood stock and fore grip for a mossberg 590. I know its a long shot seeing that they dont make the corn cob style fore grip anymo...

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